Marshon Lattimore was defending Marvin Hall late

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I hope everybody had a happy holiday. You might have missed out on a lot of things the past couple of days because of spending time with your family. Things like — the Falcons and Saints using their butts!

The Saints were the first to utilize their asses, when Marshon Lattimore was defending Marvin Hall late in the first half. The ball ended up on his right ass cheek and started rolling down his hamstring. Safety Marcus Williams then rolled the football back up to the glute, where Lattimore was able to secure the super thicc pick

That is some great teamwork. Not only did the Saints get the interception https://www.falconsatljersey.com/kevin-graf-jersey-c-61.html, but Lattimore got a mini in game massage to the hamstrings. Those things can get tight over the duration of a game, yanno.

In the third quarter down 13 0, the Falcons appeared ready to score a touchdown and make it a game early in the second half.

That is, until Devonta Freeman ran into the butt of Alex “Return of the” Mack, popping the ball loose and thus giving us “Butt Fumble 2.0”

The Saints were better at utilizing the cheeks than the Falcons, and it made a big difference in their 23 13 win. Players should absolutely think with their heads, but they should play with their asses.

Here’s what else we loved in Week 15.

Alvin Kamara’s Christmas cleats
These cleats don’t seem to be on par with the NFL’s uniform policy, and that’s just fine.

Alvin Kamara wore some sweet Christmas cleats that looked like stockings. They had his name on them as well as some jingle bells closer to the toes
Kamara had 90 yards from scrimmage on the afternoon, which is one of his more quiet games of the season. On most other afternoons, the Falcons would have been hearing a whole lot of jingle out of those bells.

Andy Reid unveiled his true identity
Just look at this. If there was one coach in the NFL you wanted to see get in a Santa Claus outfit, it was Andy Reid.

This holiday season, we got a little magic and he greeted his team after the game in a full Santa suit
Andy Cringle also took questions from the press as Santa Claus
I wonder if he said anything about referees gifting any calls to the opposing team.

Sorry, I won’t do that again.

Mid game high fives need to happen more often
The Jaguars got off to a bad start against the 49ers and never quite recovered from it. They did take a lead in the second half, until Jimmy Garoppolo and the Suddenly Good San Francisco 49ers ran away with the win.

After a Blake Bortles pick six made it a 16 0 game https://www.falconsatljersey.com/sean-harlo...ersey-c-60.html, the extra point was blocked by Jalen Myrick and returned by Aaron Colvin. On the way to the end zone, the two shared a high five
The Jaguars have the NFL’s best defense and done their fair share of trash talking and showing out all season. Even in their loss, they got some hate in.

Michigan State is in the house!
“Oh man this is great; some Falcons and Saints football! The NFL’s best rivalry between a 10 4 and 9 5 team on Christmas Eve! This is just a joy!”

“Is...that a Michigan State logo?”
Michigan State’s playing on Dec. 28 in the Holiday Bowl, which had been promoted by FOX. That might Matt Schaub Jersey explain why that was there.

Or we can pretend somebody got into some eggnog a little early and decided to show some school pride. Either way, that’s incredibly random.

Justin Coleman donated himself to the Salvation Army
Last year, Ezekiel Elliott jumped in one of the Salvation Army kettles , and it made donations go up in the Dallas area.

Elliott made his return from his suspension on Sunday, and with the Seahawks visiting the Cowboys https://www.falconsatljersey.com/ben-garlan...ersey-c-59.html, defensive back Justin Coleman decided to hop in for a celebration of a pick six of Dak Prescott
The Seahawks would eliminate the Cowboys from a chance at making the postseason, but the more important matter here is how players in Dallas are magnets to the kettles.
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