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A flirt pole is a great tool for both training and exercising a pit bull or any breed of dog. A flirt pole consists of a pole a rope and bait. The best aspect of using a flirt pole is that it can be used with any age or level of dog. Also because it doesn't require a large open area it can be used in a small area.

A flirt pole is easy to build. You can start by buying a lunge whip from the local farm supply or horse tack shop. At the end of the lunge whip simply attach an old rag or burlap cloth as a bait item for the dog. If you think the rag doesn't create enough weight feel free to add a tennis ball by poking two holes in it and threading the line through.

Even though a lunge whip is the easiest way to get started Greg Maddux Jersey , there are many other ways to build a flirt pole. Currently, I am using an old fiberglass tent pole with a cotton rope. I have used PVC pipe, Bamboo, an even a tree branch in the past. Take a look at what you have lying around the garage or house and I am sure you will find something that can be used. Never use any metal when attaching the bait too the line. Metal can be damaging to dogs teeth. Also John Smoltz Jersey , I generally use cotton rope I would suggest not using any material for line that you wouldn't be comfortable with your dog chewing on.

With the flirt pole in hand it is time to take you and the dog outside. Find a spot preferably over dirt and grass and hold the pole in one had while laying the bait in front of the dog. Avoid using the flirt pole on concrete because concrete could potentially be bad on your dogs feet.

Once you have the dogs attention start moving the bait around, most dogs will instinctively start to chase the bait. If your dog doesn't immediately start to play with the bait you may need to get down and play with it yourself to increase your dogs desire to want the bait.

Once your dog is actively pursuing the bait start moving it around in circles, occasionally allow the dog to grab the bait. If you don't let this happen the dog may loose interest in the bait, it's important to let the dog win sometimes in order to encourage its prey drive. This is a great time to practice your release command. Once the dog has hold of the bait you can pull Throwback Atlanta Braves Jerseys , I find that the older the dog gets the less pulling I do. Once he has it I normally issue a release command and start over.

Initially it's important to keep the bait on the ground, once your dog is old enough and athletic enough you can start to whip the bait into the air. Naturally your dog is going to jump. This is a great way to exercise your dog. Be careful at first not to over exercise your dog, when starting out keep sessions under five minutes and add as your dogs conditioning increases.

The flirt pole provides an inexpensive way to both exercise and train your dog. You will notice that use of the flirt pole will increase your dogs agility and coordination.
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Dave Russell is an advocate for the true conforming pit bull breed. Visit his site to learn more about the Adorable Pit Bulls.

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by Jamal Hashim

BAGHDAD, June 11 (Xinhua) -- It is not yet clear whether a new U.S. plan to send hundreds of troops to Iraq to help defeating the Islamic State (IS) militant group was the right move to give a push to the Iraqi forces on the battleground Custom Atlanta Braves Jerseys , but some Iraqis here met President Barack Obama's new strategy with scepticism.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that Obama authorized the deployment of up to 450 more American troops to Iraq to train and assist the Iraqi forces battling the IS extremist group.

Obama's decision apparently, was based on a fact that despite daily air strikes on IS positions, the Iraqi security force have failed so far to stem the advance of the extremist group which took over Anbar provincial capital of Ramadi last month.

In addition Authentic Atlanta Braves Jerseys , a year has passed and the Iraqi forces have also failed to retake the northern city of Mosul from the hands of the IS militants.

Earlier, the fall of Ramadi to the IS militants on May 17 pushed the U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to blame the Shiite-dominated security forces for their lack of "will to fight" in the battle for the Sunni city of Ramadi, despite that the Iraqi soldiers "vastly outnumbered" the IS attackers.

"What apparently happened is the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight," Carter said Atlanta Braves Jerseys For Sale , adding that the Iraqi soldiers quickly withdrew and left behind large numbers of U.S. vehicles, including several tanks, that are now presumed to be in the IS hands.

Najib al-Jubouri, a political analyst Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys , told Xinhua that "based on Carter's comments, Obama's administration sees that there is no partners on the ground in Iraq, as long as the troops have no will to fight, then the airstrikes would be useless."

"This is a sort of partial shift in the U.S. strategy of fight against Daash (IS group) in Iraq Dansby Swanson Braves Jersey , which depends of recruiting more Sunni fighters in the Sunni provinces in order to reduce the depend on the Shiite-dominated forces and allied Shiite militias," Jubouri said.

Jubouri believes that the Iraqi forces still have real problems, including poor command and control, lack of coordination Freddie Freeman Braves Jersey , intelligence deficit and other logistic issues.

The deteriorated situation of the Iraqi army and police forced Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to depend on Shiite militias who are better organized, having faith and ready to sacrifice, unlike the soldiers who work just for the salaries.

The Americans apparently are disappointed from Abadi's slow and ineffective measures in reaching out to the Sunni community, as the U.S. administration sees that it is crucial to bring Sunni tribal fighters Hank Aaron Braves Jersey , who are the land owners, to the battlefield, according to Jubouri.

The Sunnis believe that a large presence o. Wholesale Jerseys http://www.wholesalecheapnfljerseyschinaonline.com/ Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Authentic Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap College Baseball Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys

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